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dip the bow in honey
and play me a sweet song
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27th-Apr-2013 11:43 pm - masterlist
the list of masters. not finished yet

(hint: join the community to read)

super juniorCollapse )
dbsk/jyjCollapse )
girl's generationCollapse )
exoCollapse )
shineeCollapse )
b2stCollapse )
bigbangCollapse )
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girl's dayCollapse )
built this house on broken dreams ` bel
If you were here around July then you know what these are. There are polls for feedback. I sometimes actually use it too. Last one got 61 people, and I am really hoping that you spend a few seconds to go through it. I actually use it. I cannot control what ideas come to my head, but if I notice that there aren't that many MBLAQ fans, I won't write as much MBLAQ. Understand?

Poll #1893677 The poll

What fandoms would you like to see more of?

Super Junior
Girl's Generation
One Day (2am/2pm)
any other girl groups (specify in the comments)
any other boy groups (specify in the comments)
Anime (Hetalia + OHSHC)

Any additional comments can either be given in the comments, or you can PM me and I will reply as soon as possible!
built this house on broken dreams ` bel
31st-Jan-2013 09:28 pm - insert witty and convincing title
So, one year guys.

1 year.
485 yeobos.
495 watchers.
405 entries.
478 tags.
39 different fandoms.
Countless journal style changes.

Tomorrow, or today depending on wherever you are in the world, marks the one year mark of honeystrings. I am actually really surprised to see how much this community has grown in the year, and I am still very much shocked that there are almost 500 members and watchers. Like whoa. And I like every single one of you so much, so much for dealing with all the stuff I put you through, the periods of time where I don't post for a very long time, the laziness which is in every single one of my fics unless I am forced to put in effort. Not only that, but this community was built on two big things 1) love for fics & 2) love for unloved pairings. I wanted to bring this from mywookness to honeystrings and I think I have done it, almost.

Recently I was looking at the countless word documents that I have not finished, and the chaptered fics that I have to finish (Viva, You Lost Your Mind, Forgotten Irises + Clusters) and the requests and I was thinking, why am I even doing this? I have been pushing back so much, it would be so much easier if I just fell off the face of the planet and stuck to scrolling through tumblr. But then when I checked my inbox, and I see at least two people asking to join honeystrings and my heart swells and pushes me forwards.

I have three (I counted) big fics that will be done soon, like in the next week, and Viva will be finished this weekend (I promise!) and that super long MBLAQ fic that I will hopefully finish eventually. So I have been working, I just haven't had the time to really put in anything small onto honeystrings. I have been working hard! Trust me!

i have also been wanting to read a lot of my friend's stuff, like since December, and if you are one of my friends - PATIENCE! I WILL READ YOUR FIC EVENTUALLY! /sobs

So, because this has been a year, I will be doing a routine check again on the next post which should come up by the end of the night.

I hope you enjoyed this year, new and old yeobos, and I hope another great year at honeystrings!

your moddess,

- Jules (Je)

P.S - If you want to contact me easier, contact me at my tumblr (iamstylin). I go on tumblr daily on my phone like seven times a day so if you send me a message, I can reply much faster, since lately I haven't been getting on my computer as much. There is also my less used twitter (@wooknesstwoyoo), too. Following is awesome, too~! I most certainly will follow back!
we are the originals ` chanyeol
8th-Jan-2013 09:44 pm - news
won't be writing smuts for a while.
just by ourselves ` kyuwook
7th-Jan-2013 09:26 pm - swap {suho/kai}
smut ; nc-17
girl!suho, boy/girl sex
written for deferto_neminem for the 2012 SNCJ Secret Santa

What goes down when Suho magically turns into a girl.Collapse )
hey babe what you doing tonight ` yuri
we used to look at the stars and confess our dreams
merman!au ; pg-13
merman!key, merman!taemin, merman!onew, coarse language
written for lucentic for the 2012 SHINee Secret Santa exchange

Kibum is a tied merman wishing for the earth and exploration and Minho is a fisherman’s son fighting.Collapse )
the fact is i am a gangster ` yoseob
20th-Dec-2012 10:19 pm - yo my home skillets
Going on vacation.

Now if anyone of you were with me last Christmas break, you would know that I still write a lot during the Christmas break even if I am in the US (compared to Canada). I don't know about the first week but the second week is a yes - I will be writing. I will finish VIVA when I return home and finish some of my final projects even though it was supposed to be done but anyways. And check for some of the secret santas I have written this year! I really like my SHINee one~ I will do a reflection post about this cruel experience of self-mutilation on my blog (mywookness @ lj) if you wanna read it in the next couple of days.

Also, we have reached over 430 members and 400 posts! That is pretty awesome guys. I love you all my yeobos and I hope only the best for the next year! And February 2nd is the anniversary of honeystrings, so I will be doing something special for y'all on that day!

Happy Holidays! I am sorry that I forgot to wish you all Happy Hanukkah but I hope this makes do.

- Jules (Je)
spending my nights with you ` jaesoo
20th-Dec-2012 09:18 pm - mer rouge {ocs}
mer rouge
angoisse ; pg-13
note - cette histoire est en francais = this story is in french.

mer rougeCollapse )
alice in my world ` drink me up
11th-Dec-2012 07:29 pm - morning dew {siwon/han geng}
morning dew
siwon/han geng
swan prince!au ; r
mentions of death, bad language
written for lopkite for the 2012 Super Junior Secret Santa at sujuexchange!

prince siwon has everything and han geng has lost everythingCollapse )
built this house on broken dreams ` bel
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